Green Turtles at Twenty Past Midnight

This is my first blog so bear with me please. These are my thoughts so this blog may well be odd at times. Just promise me you’ll keep reading anyway.
Twenty minutes into tomorrow and I can’t help wondering if anyone else is awake now on this pretty planet thinking anything remotely similar to the things that are floating around my brain. Such a contingency is doubtful. My thoughts are often bizarre and random in the extreme. But then I suppose that’s partly what writing is about. You don’t know if anyone thinks like you, so you put your thoughts and ideas out there in the cold just in case they strike a chord with someone. And if they don’t, well, at least you were able to get them out of your head to make more room for new ones. It gets like that when you have a constant stream of ideas and dreams. Rather like green turtles, I’ve always thought. You know what I mean – thousands, millions of tiny babies rushing and surging to get to the sea, climbing over each other in the panic, but only a small percentage of them actually make it out into the ocean where they can breathe a sigh of relief and grow into beautiful things … As long as they don’t get ripped to shreds along the way, of course.
My thoughts do this all the time. And when the few fortunates do emerge onto paper or screen, I can only hold my breath and hope the sharks will leave them alone. Please let my turtle thoughts live!
I told you it would be odd.


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