Trials and Tribulations of the Country Mouse

Cities are bizarre places. Thousands of people living on top of each other, scrambling backwards and forwards like ants in a school experiment, scuttling around incessantly until they drop dead from exhaustion or go insane from chlorophyll deprivation. I cannot live in a city. Two weeks and I am ill. Three and I’m ready to jump off a bridge. I need trees, open space, and lots of green. I hate looking out of my window and seeing the houses crammed in together with only a garden the size of a postage stamp separating each person’s tiny world from everyone else’s. Nature is so overwhelmingly beautiful, how can anyone really prefer to live in a city? I understand that the rhythm of a city can be exciting and intriguing, and I do love the architecture in many cities. They are fascinating places. But at the end of the day I want to breathe. And all the architecture I really need is the astounding grace of a huge beech tree…


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