All Departures from Platform X

The great and mysterious omniscient collective known to the general public as ‘They’ say that travel broadens the mind. Well, that’s true – although one could argue of course that any new experience broadens the mind. I like travelling. I enjoy the sensation of moving through, across, or over places I’ve never seen before. And I also enjoy travelling even when it isn’t new to me. I like being ‘on the road’. Speaking literally, I actually prefer boats and trains and aeroplanes to the physical road , but I was using the term metaphorically. I like watching the clouds. I like the gentle movement of motion. I do NOT like waiting in traffic for what seems like centuries, but I suppose that sometimes that side of travelling is a necessary evil. The cloud to the silver lining. I often like the people too. Recently I met a very nice young man while I was on a long coach journey. He turned out to be a drama student at university and a Shakespeare fan, which suited me down to the ground. We had a nice literary discussion, albeit punctuated with disturbances by my badly behaved luggage. The fact that I always carry half a library with me on journeys, and the equally indisputable fact that my coat resembles a yeti, should be sufficient explanation. It was fun.
I also rather enjoy the mad scramble when you’ve been having coffee at the stop and suddenly realize the coach leaves in three minutes. The cafe is ten minutes away …
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to rescue my fellow passenger from a yeti. Oh, it’s just my coat.


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