Voices of my Heart

Ah, music…! Music hath charms! And Justin Hayward I will love forever. That mournful, soulful, beautiful voice that makes you melt into a helpless puddle of inability to do anything but listen. There are some voices that can really touch your heart and give you goosebumps. His is one of mine.
There are many reasons why I will like a song. Sometimes it’s the voice. Sometimes it’s the melody or something in the quality of the sound. Sometimes it’s the words or the message or a hidden meaning – or just a memory that the song evokes. Sometimes, if I am very lucky, all of the above reasons combine into one perfect, universe-shattering song, and those ones are of course the ones I love most of all.
I cannot survive without music. I freely admit I’m a music addict. A junkie. It energizes me, it makes me happy, sad, pensive, or contented. It makes me think. Which is very, very important. A mind without thought is a dry well, a desert among oases. Without the proper sort of thought I can’t write – which is totally unacceptable and makes me ill.
On that note, I really must change CD… I may be a while.


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