“In a Restless World, Like This Is…”

The planet revolves quietly on its axis at ridiculous velocity … But when you’re living on it, the pace of life seems much faster. And far noisier. “In a restless world, like this is…” it’s important to snatch at your few precious moments of peace when they come, and cherish them with both hands tight.
Mine come occasionally, usually when I’ve struggled to the summit of the big hill that serves as the gateway out of my little housing estate valley. There are two benches at the top of my hill. One is good if you have only a couple of minutes to stop for a breather and feel like people-watching. The other requires a little bit more climbing – but it’s worth it. And I mean REALLY worth it, not tv-commercial ‘worth it’. You see, I live next to the sea. And the view from my second Peaceful Bench is arguably one of the best. I am privileged to live next to it.
It just requires a little determination, that’s all.


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