Night Terrors

Hands up anyone who believes ‘night terrors’ is just another term for the common nightmare. Sorry, wrong. Nightmares are scary, yes, but they are a walk in the park compared to night terrors. My dad and I both suffer from this condition. Not all the time. But when we are stressed, worried, or otherwise affected by circumstances external or internal, our discomfort expresses itself in the monstrosity of our dreams. The main difference between a normal nightmare and a night terror is the intensity. During certain nightmares you somehow subconsciously know it’s only a dream and you’ll wake up soon. You never get that with a night terror. It’s so vivid it’s almost like an hallucination. And you don’t often wake up. You lie there yelling until someone comes and wakes you with great difficulty. My mum had to hit my dad over the head with a book to get him to come out of one. This was many years ago and he was actually hurting her because he was dreaming she was falling off a precipice. That’s the other difference. Most of your nightmares you will forget. If you get woken from a night terror, it will stay with you forever in every last horrific detail. Yeah, not the best thing in the world! Night terrors are actually recognized as a separate condition. But there isn’t much that can be done about them so far. So here we are, my dad and I, a couple of somnambulist nightly terrified freaks, and that’s the way we’re going to stay for now.
Don’t let it put you off. We’re really rather nice…


2 thoughts on “Night Terrors

    1. Yes, it’s odd. We also do peculiar things at night (it’s all connected) like talking and walking and moving things around. It freaks people out sometimes, especially when they’re not used to it!

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