Trifecta People, look here …

Hello Trifecta People! First things first, I’m sorry but the copy-and-paste thing doesn’t seem to like me today so I’m having to do this the old-fashioned way – with pen and paper!
1) My pseudonym is Natalie Amatera, and that’s all you’re going to get…

2) My writing style: a friend described it as ‘sparkling, romantic, natural’

3) I was unsure as to the actual meaning of this question – I’ve been blogging since April, is that what you wanted to know?

4) This is so far my only writing challenge and I’ve just joined, so …

5) Hmmm. One way to improve my writing. Apart from doing more, which will always be a consideration! Probably working on descriptions, i.e, what people are wearing, the room around them, etc.

6) The best writing advice ever given to me was ‘never give up.’ Very simple, not exactly earth-shattering, but it was what I needed.

7) This is an awful question. How on earth am I supposed to choose one? For pure and general amazingness I would go with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But in the world of romance, Georgette Heyer is queen.

8) I don’t – I write on demand, whether demand of my soul or demand of others.

9) Oh, so many words to choose from! Based on the third definition, I think ‘fire’ could be interesting.

10) The one blog post you shouldn’t miss? Apart from this one? Does it have to be my blog?


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