I am sorry to say it, but the world seems to be peopled by idiots. Perhaps it’s just my world, or maybe I’m too fastidious, but it is a distressing fact that many of the people with whom I come into contact on a daily basis are, shall we say, a sandwich short of a picnic. I notice this most when I am at work. I’m often bored as there is usually not much on the tv at work. Yesterday someone came in and asked for pizza. A reasonable request, you might think. Yes, but I happen to work on reception in a Chinese takeaway. We provide an often bewildering range of exotic and delightful dishes – but pizza isn’t one of them. Two minutes later, a different person came in and asked for chicken and chips. Resisting the urge to say ‘Do I LOOK like the Colonel?!’ I pointed him politely in the direction of the fish and chips shop ten minutes down the road.
And don’t even get me started on the illiteracy. People don’t read! I have two enormous notices printed up in big red lettering explaining carefully that we are weird and don’t accept plastic money. Does anyone read them? Not a chance! This seems most peculiar to me, as I am a freak who reads anything bearing the smallest resemblance to words. (Sometimes I wish I hadn’t.) How can you not see a big sign with red letters on it? There’s nothing for it, I shall have to invest in a hang-out sign with neon lights. And even that might be invisible. image


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