Trifextra – the Rule of Three… Plus 33!

This week’s Trifextra asked us to add to one of our own previous 33-word challenges. I chose this one, as it received quite a lot of attention, and I personally felt 33 words weren’t ever enough first time round.

Twice already she’d told him. Today would be the third time. The charm. She waited outside the office with butterflies churning. Today was February 29th, and he had to say yes this time.

It wasn’t that she minded waiting; she’d wait for him forever, but he desperately needed to be loved.
He came out of his office and didn’t see her.
The bullet went wide.


17 thoughts on “Trifextra – the Rule of Three… Plus 33!

      1. Interesting! I hadn’t heard that one. Poor girl. I like “The bullet went wide,” although I am starting to wonder about the relationship here. Sounds very one-sided, possibly even stalker-y.

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