Great Minds (an oddity that just happened in my brain)

The man stood in front of Raxa, looking exasperated. He had apparently been running his hands through his hair, and it was standing up on end, giving him something of the look of a young mad professor.
Raxa wasn’t sure why the man was exasperated. Raxa hadn’t really been paying attention to what he’d been saying for the last five minutes. Raxa, the greatest intellect of the Arquens, had more important things on his mind.
‘Aren’t you going to say anything at all?’ asked the young mad professor.
‘Yes,’ said Raxa. ‘I’ve been thinking. Shouldn’t there be a better word for orangeness than ‘orangeness’?’
The hair-on-end man stared in disbelief.
‘Orangicity’. Yes. I like the sound of that,’ said Raxa, ruminatively.
‘You’re the greatest mind among your people, it’s the end of your world as you know it, and you’re worried that the state of being orange isn’t expressed properly at the moment??’
Raxa turned surprised purple eyes upon him. ‘The end of the world? Oh, I worked that out hours ago. All they need to do is turn off the anti-gravity system and switch to external back-up.’
The man clutched at his hair, unable even to formulate suitable words.
‘On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for ‘orangicality’…’
But the man had gone.
Raxa settled back down into his chair. The universe was going mad. What were things coming to when you couldn’t even think about oranges without people bursting in on you and telling you the world was ending?
There were some points in favour of ‘orangious’, too.


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