Trifecta challenge – 3rd definition of Uneasy

‘So how did your date turn out?’ Rebecca wavered between answering her mother (difficult and embarrassing) and pretending she hadn’t heard (pretty much impossible).
‘Rebecca? Don’t pretend you didn’t hear.’
‘I suppose that means it didn’t go well.’
Rebecca tried to smile. ‘It went fine, mum.’
‘Then why isn’t he here now?’ demanded Mrs Frank.
Rebecca’s mum had been very opposed to the idea of the dating website. Rebecca hadn’t really been all that keen herself, but when her mother told her in no uncertain terms just what she thought of dating websites and those who frequented them, she somehow became determined. The fact that it had gone horribly, impossibly wrong was not something she wished to share with anyone, least of all her mother.
‘It didn’t work out.’
‘I thought you said it went fine?’
‘It did, as a date. But he … wasn’t really what I’m looking for.’
The truth was that Rebecca had had her head turned by that new and flashy website, the Intergalactic Love Finder. It had offered its services in large exciting words, and she’d fallen for it.
She put in her requirements, and let it do the work. It had come up with a stunning profile of a sensitive, friendly male, with a love for nature and trees. He liked warm climates and fruit. It wasn’t until she discovered that the profile picture section wasn’t working that she began to feel uneasy. Still, they enjoyed many long conversations. He really was quite remarkable. And then he asked to meet her under the tallest tree in Honduras. By this time, Rebecca believed herself very much in love, and so she spent her savings to get to Honduras.
There was nobody there. Only a very large bird with a beautiful yellow and maroon bill. It squawked on seeing her, and disappeared into one of the trees.
Rebecca waited for hours. And then she got back on the plane and went home. It was humiliating. But the worst was yet to come.
When she got home and went back on the website to ask her date why he hadn’t bothered to turn up, she found that the profile picture section was working again.
She put a feverish search into Google.
‘The chestnut-mandibled toucan…’
She didn’t want to read anymore.
You see, the problem with the Intergalactic Love Finder was that, although you could specify planet (in case you didn’t want to have to fly to the other end of the universe to meet up), you couldn’t specify species classifications…


16 thoughts on “Trifecta challenge – 3rd definition of Uneasy

  1. Hey now, don’t be picky Rebecca. I’d take a bird that could read and write over some of the jerks out there… ;D

    1. Neither am I, that’s partly why I wrote this one. As well as the fact that the bare bones of the idea came up in a conversation I was having … I just had to write it down and it happened to fit with this week’s Trifecta challenge! High five to self! 😉

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