The Keeper – Part III

Sorry it’s been such a long time!

Nemet wondered when her people had first chosen a Keeper, and why. This was something that was never explained. A questioning attitude was not encouraged, and most Keepers were happy for things to be the way they’d always been. Nemet was different. She had bombarded her parents with questions until they had sent her to school, and then she had given her teachers a headache with questions too. It wasn’t until the school informed her that she was a chosen Keeper that she was made aware that questions were somewhat taboo. She had naturally asked a thousand questions about her calling, but Arnath and the others had stared her down solemnly until the questions faded into an awkward silence. And then they had taken her to the Complex for training. By the time they had finished with her, she had lost a great deal of the desire to ask.
But now she was in charge of her own star, and the questions were flooding back.


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