Trifecta challenge – Hollow

I used to feel that
Everything they said would matter
Everything they told me was true
Every time they slapped it hurt
Every smile they smiled was worse
But that was before you
I used to think that
Everything they said was actual
Every barb they shot would wound
Every time they hit it bruised
Every war we fought I’d lose
But that was before you
Now I can see that
All those spiteful words are hollow
I can hold my head up high
Every time they hit, I’ll stand
With you offering a loving hand
Help me see past their lies



The rain beats down
Against the deceptively delicate glass
Windows rattle
To the incessant battle
Winter’s war between the elements
Sometimes sleet comes
To drive the last cobwebs from the corners
The wind snatches
Breath catches
Winter’s tale is too cold and dark for me
But inside I’m safe
Warm and protected from the howling Charybdis
Knowing you’re here
I’ve nothing to fear
Your embrace keeps me away from the winter’s roar

Trifecta Challenge – 3rd definition of Year

It wasn’t a pivotal date, a completed orbit that would change the course of history. It wasn’t the Year Dot or 1066 or 1837 or even 1914. It wasn’t the Millennium. It was a small year, an insignificant 365-day jaunt around the glowing mass of immense nuclear energy we look up at and hope to see again every morning. But it was the year that she finally made up her mind. In consequence it was for her the most important year in all of history. Small things can seem so huge when they impact one’s own life.