Trifecta Challenge – 3rd definition of Year

It wasn’t a pivotal date, a completed orbit that would change the course of history. It wasn’t the Year Dot or 1066 or 1837 or even 1914. It wasn’t the Millennium. It was a small year, an insignificant 365-day jaunt around the glowing mass of immense nuclear energy we look up at and hope to see again every morning. But it was the year that she finally made up her mind. In consequence it was for her the most important year in all of history. Small things can seem so huge when they impact one’s own life.


11 thoughts on “Trifecta Challenge – 3rd definition of Year

  1. It *is* amazing how you can look back at a seemingly mundane year and realize it was the most important one of your life so far. I love this (:

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