Trifextra – Probabilities (Too Many Variables)

He finally asked her on a date. Her first ever date. Nerves raging. Burgundy dress and skyscraper heels. Probability of broken ankle – 62.6%. Probability of broken neck – 27.8%. Probability of broken heart – incalculable.


27 thoughts on “Trifextra – Probabilities (Too Many Variables)

  1. Yeah, I’m hoping for no heartbreak but, since this is her first ever date, odds are great that she will wind up seeing other people before she settles down.

  2. It’s only a first date so her probability of fun is more than 50%. She can worry about heartbreak after a few more. You are right. You never know.

  3. I’m so happy I started dating in the desert boots and faded jeans era–no self-respecting hippie boy I knew would have taken a girl in high heels anywhere… Fun post!

    1. I sort of do, but to be honest I probably wouldn’t on a first date. I struggle with nerves anyway, and have never been the most graceful of girls …. The risk of broken neck/ankle/arm/insert bone name here would be much increased!

  4. In such a short piece, your phrasing really works here. I love the three probabilities, and the word “incalculable” is perfect, both for the prompt and for the situation. Nicely done!

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