Trifecta – Write Your Demons on the Page (in 33 words)

Trifecta wants us to get our demons and fears out onto the page this time… I have many. But very few would fit in a 33-word prompt. This one is fictional and yet real too, what a paradox!
** She stared at her phone and the photo. The photo grinned back spitefully. The phone remained silent. She flung it away, wailing, ‘You’re just like all the others!’
She didn’t mean the phone. **


Seasonal Indigestion

Sugar everywhere, in the food, in the adverts, on the cards…
Mixed with the bizarre spiced alcohol they want to foist on you
Take Rennies and hide from it all
Merry Seasonal Indigestion

The Cure

A world so full of meaningless horror
Where darkness stalks the streets
And children live in fear
Needs a loving hand to heal it of all its badness
And its people of their tears
The hand to wipe away the sadness
Effect the cure
Complete a change
And give us peace

Encounter with a Bird

His eyes bright as the low sun
But dark as midnight too
Little black marbles glistening his anticipation of food
Anticipation that goes unrewarded
I am caged
He is free
He sits, just out of reach
Taunts with flick of his tail
Shows me just what he thinks of my foolish human restrictions
And puffs out his scarlet chest to his reflection