Encounter with a Bird

His eyes bright as the low sun
But dark as midnight too
Little black marbles glistening his anticipation of food
Anticipation that goes unrewarded
I am caged
He is free
He sits, just out of reach
Taunts with flick of his tail
Shows me just what he thinks of my foolish human restrictions
And puffs out his scarlet chest to his reflection


11 thoughts on “Encounter with a Bird

  1. That sounds like some of my days in the office in the winter, looking out the window at the juncos who were free to do anything they liked while I was stuck inside. You make the bird very vibrant here; nicely done.

    1. Thank you 🙂 suppose I should up my game now lol. On a serious note this is the first time I’ve come anywhere near the top in any kind of writing thing. Gives me the confidence and the incentive to keep going and believe in myself 🙂

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