When the Going Gets Tough…

…. The Tough Eat Chocolate, right? It’s got to be done. Seriously, though, I do think chocolate helps pretty much any situation (except the situation where you feel nauseous, that’s when you should reach for the ginger or the peppermint tea!) I know there are many who say chocolate is bad for you. And of course if you eat ten bars a day, yes it will be detrimental to your health. Like everything, it needs the application of moderation. I just find that when I’m feeling down and depressed, a nice bit of Galaxy really cheers me up. There is a scientific reason for this, but to be honest with you, even if there wasn’t, I wouldn’t care. Chocolate is wonderful. Chocolate ice-cream, doubly so. Chocolate cheesecake triply so, but I am a bit picky with those… Some just aren’t quite right. In case you’re wondering, I am a cheesecake connoisseur. Self-styled. When you’re addicted to a certain food it’s kinda inevitable that you become a connoisseur!
All this talk of chocolate and cheesecake is making me hungry. Time for the tough to get going, I think… Seeya! If you need me, you’ll probably be able to follow the trail of chocolate.


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