Trifecta challenge (But I wanted to write this anyway)

She planted her elbows firmly on the square table, propping her chin on her fists and staring at him, her eyes wide, dark and calculating. He gazed back, stare for stare, not caring in the least. Eventually she leant back against her chair, folding her arms across her red-jerseyed chest with an exasperated sigh.
“You’re exhausting, you know that?”
He grinned then, a smirk that started at the corner of his mouth and spread across to show a flash of white teeth, and lit his eyes brighter than their usual mid-sapphire. “Am I?”
“Yeah. You won’t stop talking unless I actually need you to say something, and then you clam up like a …. a …” she floundered for a suitable noun, and failed with a growl.
He and his smirk watched her exhaust all the possibilities of simile, and then he stepped in to hinder-help, as usual. “Like a clam?”
The look she shot him should have reduced him to a pair of smoking boots. Unfortunately, that generally works only in hyperbolic fiction, and he just remained there, grinning annoyingly across the table into her dark-lash-rimmed eyes.


32 thoughts on “Trifecta challenge (But I wanted to write this anyway)

    1. Thank you šŸ™‚ yes he is very frustrating and should definitely be smacked… But he’s not that bad once you get to know him šŸ˜‰ she needs to chill a little and get used to him.

    1. Thank you Emmeline šŸ˜€ I enjoyed this one. I wanted to do more to it but was afraid if I took it any further it might run away with me, so rather than disqualify myself by sending in a 5,000 word short story I quit while I was ahead..!

  1. Ha, nice reference to the weekend prompt too. I’m especially interested in the detail about his teeth though — mid sapphire. It makes me want to know what they are, exactly (and what she needs to get out of him). Good work!

    1. Thank you … Er…. I do believe I referred to his teeth being white. His eyes are mid-sapphire (except when he smiles and they light up brighter). There is a back story to this which I may write later, we will see šŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you very much šŸ™‚ when I miss a challenge (which, sadly, happens more often than it should) I like to double-challenge myself and try to fit in the one I missed somewhere, or at least refer to it.

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