Cheesecake and Flap

Visitors. I love having visitors. But their existence sends my family into a state of flap bordering on insanity. Everything has to be perfect. It doesn’t matter how many times I explain the concept of friendly visiting – that people come to see you, not your house, and that nobody is going to look for dust behind the piano or form an investigative committee to peer down the sink – my family goes into full-scale, pull-the-stops-out panic.
Having done everything humanly possible to help toward a cessation of flap, I retreat to the kitchen to do what I do best (apart from writing). I make food.
I love cooking and baking. It makes me feel happy and de-stressed, and I don’t like to boast, but I have never made anything awful. My favourite thing to eat and make is cheesecake. So here we are with a spotless house and a cheesecake that my friend describes as ‘EPIC’… Now all we need are the visitors.
Where ARE they??



3 thoughts on “Cheesecake and Flap

  1. In the event of a lack of visitor appearance I am more than willing to consume cheesecake. I have to confess to the full scale pre-visitor cleaning flap. Even though I realise, 5 minutes into their arrival that not only do they not care but as they usually appear with camel trains of belongings, even if it is spotlessly tidy to begin with, no one could guess under all the items strewn around homelessly….one day I will learn. I hope….

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