Trifecta Challenge – The Colour of My Love

“No,” said his lordship firmly. “I will not be dictated to by anyone, and especially not by dead persons.”
Lord Clifton was not usually a difficult man, nor was he accustomed to belligerence, but there was no getting around the fact that his late father’s will was of a most peculiar kind.
His brother looked worried, and with good reason. Although not exactly given to stubbornness, Clifton could be … determined. And the trouble with that will was that the family of the other party involved probably knew about it and would be expecting developments.
“Marcus, I know this is very irregular -”
Clifton snorted. “Irregular? Father must have been out of his mind, Harry, and that’s all there is to it.”
“You know what he was like, Marcus – once he got something into his head, I doubt an angel from heaven or a thousand devils could have driven it out.”
“Ay, more’s the pity. I don’t want to disrespect his wishes, Harry, even though we were not … close … but neither do I desire to be leg-shackled for life to a simpering schoolgirl I have never met, merely because my late father thought it a good match. How old is this Miss Munro? Eighteen? I couldn’t do it, Hal. She’ll probably have to hide her colour every time I speak, and be completely tongue-tied. Or worse, gushing.” He shuddered.
Harry coughed. “You know, Marcus, although you have never met Miss Munro, you forget that I am acquainted with her.”
His lordship had forgotten. He turned surprised eyes on his younger brother. “You are? Well, tell me, man – what sort of girl is she?”
“Pretty. Not your usual fare, but pretty. And neither shy nor boisterous. I have never known her to be gushing. Her mother, I grant you, probably does enough of that for both of them. But Miss Munro is a very nice young lady.”
Clifton sighed. “Oh, very well. I will visit them. But only if you accompany me.”


17 thoughts on “Trifecta Challenge – The Colour of My Love

    1. It may yet be … I’m actually thinking of writing it ‘properly’. I am in the process of completing two novels in this genre, so the Clifton/Munro storyline may very well make it into a fully expanded version.

    1. Back in ye olden days people were not so fond of wriggling out of awkward legal situations, especially family wills… Oh you’ll soon find out! πŸ™‚ glad you enjoyed it.

  1. Ah his father may have known something which he has no idea about & possibly this Miss Munro is the one who he needs in his life?An interesting story,with loads of possibilities-looking forward to reading the next bit:-)

  2. I love this. But I have the advantage of knowing that this is just natural to you. You write this as easily and readily as one would write a shopping list. Which is a skill I both lack and envy! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- here writeth the next Georgette Heyer!

  3. Backtracked and read here before I read your current installment. I’m glad I did. This has an awesome beginning. Love the direction and the characters you’ve handed us with your first installment.

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