Odd Longings

I’ve always been one for odd longings. When I was about fifteen and most of my friends wanted to go to Florida or Spain, I had a deep obsession with Iceland. This was partly because I also had an obsession with a certain male singer who hailed from Iceland …. But only partly. For years I borrowed every book in the library that might possibly say something about Iceland – I couldn’t get enough. I drove my family mad, rabbitting on about the early settlers and the ironically peculiar fact that Iceland is green and Greenland is icy… I learnt how to say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and, importantly, ‘I love you’ in Icelandic. Which is, by the way, a beautiful if somewhat complicated language. This went on for years.
Now, I suddenly find myself obsessed with Canada. This is only a very recent obsession so I haven’t yet reached the borrowing-every-book stage. Some friends of mine came back from holiday to Canada (Banff, which I think is a fantastic name) armed with a tonne of deep-envy-inducing photos. Lakes, mountains, trees, snow, clear skies…. I looked, and looked, and had to roll my tongue back into my skull in a manner reminiscent of a woodpecker. Suffice it to say, the photos did their work – I am deeply envious.
The problem is, flights to Canada are not cheap. And I am not rich. Quite the reverse. So it may be a while before I can actually satisfy my obsession. Ah well, c’est la vie.


2 thoughts on “Odd Longings

  1. Ah yes. I remember the Iceland quest…never did understand why you couldn’t pick somewhere warm!! Are you sure you wouldn’t rather join my longings for India and the Philippines??? Although Canada…I would join you. Temporarily.

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