Trifecta – Thicker Than Water

Ayesha gripped the ceremonial dagger more tightly as she hid in the wall recess, barely daring to breathe. She had removed the tall marble statue from its niche and hidden it behind an embroidered curtain before stepping into its place. She had draped herself in white linen, and the room was dimly lit at dusk, so she would go unnoticed as long as she neither moved nor made a sound. Her mother’s words echoed around her mind like the mantra her family repeated every morning.
“Blood calls to blood, Ayesha. He is not for you. You are of high rank, and he of low. He may profess love for you now, indeed he may feel it, but in the end will return to his own. That is the way of things.”
The curtain that divided the sanctuary temple from the rest of the house twitched. Someone was entering. Ayesha struck out with the dagger, hissing, “So blood calls to blood, does it, Mother? Mine calls to my love, but let us see what yours calls to….!”
The blood was of course silent. So was the person she had stabbed. The linen was no longer white, but stained crimson in huge, howling patches. The dagger spun to the floor, ringing sharply as it hit the terracotta tiles. Ayesha fled.
In the morning the servants found a cracked tile, a stained dagger, and the body of a young man.
“It is Samil,” they said, shaking their heads over the tragedy of the young vineyard-keeper, snuffed out like an oil-lamp with a night’s worth of oil still inside it.
But they had no idea quite how much of a tragedy it was.


17 thoughts on “Trifecta – Thicker Than Water

  1. And that’s why you should always check to see whom you’re stabbing before you actually stab them. Otherwise tragic consequences will ensue. Nicely done!

  2. I’m guessing that he was the intended target. She has a frighteningly strong will if she can kill someone by family orders- especially if she loved the person.

    1. Wow that’s an interesting twist. Actually I wrote it as a mistake. She couldn’t see in the dark, he didn’t tell her he was coming, and she was expecting it to be her mother. But you make me wish I had thought of your version!! Thanks for the comment!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Should’ve gone to specsavers…. You interest me strangely… I agree she cannot have glasses, but I would say it would be equally impossible for her to have contacts, so I’d be interested to hear your reasoning!

  3. DAMN! ๐Ÿ˜€ What are the odds we’d have such similar titles to our Trifecta submissions?!
    But that aside : Quick, intense and tragic.
    A well written piece that I enjoyed reading and you have a simple but gripping style.

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