Trifecta – Leave a Light On For Me

When you are terrified half out of your wits and there is no other sound, your heartbeat sounds like a 45 cm bodhrán being battered by an overenthusiastic Irishman with bleeding fingers, and you feel as if it will come through your chest any moment.
Pete wished he hadn’t walked down that alley when he had. He hadn’t been able to stop them anyway, and if he hadn’t blundered into the scene, he wouldn’t be here now, crouching behind a stack of steel girders in an abandoned warehouse.
But Pete had never been what you’d call a fortunate man. His brother now… Michael always fell on his feet whatever he did. But Pete always seemed to get into awkward situations – and this might well be the last, because this time Michael couldn’t bail him out.
    The halogen strip light above him flickered and buzzed into dull life, making him jump out of his skin. His heartrate quickened further, vicious panic seeping into his body and seizing him in a cold sweat. That light could mean only one thing. They were here.
He didn’t know who they were. He knew only that they were powerful, devious, and ruthless. You wouldn’t want to meet them up a dark alley, and Pete really wished he hadn’t.
The footsteps started. He shivered.
They came closer. One, two, three, four, echoing on the concrete.
They stopped.
Pete looked up into the barrel of a gun. He swallowed, hard.
“Hello, Pete,” said Michael.


14 thoughts on “Trifecta – Leave a Light On For Me

  1. A ’45 cm bodhrán’… wherever did you come up with that??? You must be Irish. I’ll have to ask Declan if he knows what that is, he’s from Dublin. I liked your story… spooky vibe to it… and the line about not wanting to meet in a dark alley, but did… very clever line, Natalie.

    1. Hahaha! Guilty as charged. Well, nearly. I was born in N. I. so technically I’m English, but it gets in your blood to some extent. A bodhrán is the drum they use in marches and often for rhythm in dancing etc… A 45 cm is on the large end of the scale you would normally use, although they can be bigger.
      Thanks for the compliment about the ‘dark alley’ line, I actually made myself smirk with that one! 🙂

  2. My jaw dropped and my eyes got wide when it was his brother at the other end of the gun. How soon did HE know that? Nicely done.

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