Trifextra – 33 Words of Summer

American summer – hot sun, Arizona Yellow, Indiana Green, New York Shimmer, dust.
European summer – warm sun, bikini, Florence Terracotta, Barcelona White, pineapple.
British summer – London Brown, Atlantic Grey, optimistic sunblock and an umbrella.


32 thoughts on “Trifextra – 33 Words of Summer

  1. Oh, this is wonderful! Fantastic use of 33 words. But you should come to Virginia. Our summers are mostly green and blue! And bring your SPF 50 sunblock!

  2. Sounds like the Pacific Northwest as well. Except that we do get about two months of glorious sun mid-summer – early fall. Only nobody believes it will happen, which keeps the population low. 😉 I love your use of color and symbols (dust, pineapple, umbrella). And “optimistic sunblock” is a great phrase.

  3. “Optimistic sunblock.” Yes, I’ve been on English “beaches” – didn’t really do it for me, as much as I love England otherwise haha. Good job with this

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