Of Mice and Titles

Forgive me for the slightly misleading name of this post. Before you start fearing for my sanity, I must reassure you that no mice were harmed in the making of this blog. I was attempting to create a pun.
I have now pretty much finished writing my novel, but as yet have been unable to come up with a suitable title for it. Its sequel has acquired possibly the best pun title I have ever invented…. Which puts me in a bit of a fix regarding the first book. It needs a name as good as, if not better than, its sequel.
After weeks of violent brain-cudgelling I eventually gave up and asked my best friend for help. She very helpfully gave me a lovely list of really excellent pun titles – for books I haven’t written yet.
Best laid plans indeed!
I now have a whole library of unwritten but beautifully titled novels, while the nearly-finished one still languishes in anonymity. Sigh. Oh well. At least I have plenty of ideas to keep me writing for the next…. ooooh I don’t know, twenty years or so, perhaps!