As I sit alone and watch the stars burn out
Above me darkness, below me nothing –
I wonder how I came to this
And could it have been different?
I watch the ice and fire that was me
Consume the glow of my home
All that I was burns with all I had
A moment of regret tears my soul
Breaks what’s left of my heart
All I ever wanted, gone up in smoke
You think I’m evil
You think I’ve gone mad
My mind finally turned
But the truth is so much worse than that
All I ever asked was a chance
All I ever craved was love
And what I got was suspicion
Every attempt to impress
Every attempt to please
Built a reputation I didn’t want
In the end, acceptance was
The only option left me
And so I lived as they saw me
But hid myself in plain view
And now it’s the end of the world
And I have nothing left but my lies
For I know none will remember me when the thunder comes
And untamed lightning shatters, splits the realm apart
They mistook my needs for greed
My insecurity for wickedness
I hide behind my smile, it’s true
But what I hide is not what they think
My broken soul lashed out in fear
I snapped, violent
Angry words tumbling
Tried to justify myself
Went a little wild, broke some more
I always knew I was different
But never expected the truth
So, damned by those who love me,
I sit alone, watching my world dissolve
That mask is my only hope now
If I can hide forever they’ll never know
That it was rejection that caused Ragnarok.


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