Confession (Trifecta)

So I’m in prison again. Yes. You know why. I suppose it was foolish of me to assume I could pull the wool over your eyes just because I find it as easy to manipulate records as it is to manipulate people. I forgot that you know me rather well.
So – here comes the justification you asked for. Just remember that I would not be saying any of this if you hadn’t insisted with your usual inflexibility. First you want reasons why I did what I did – I’m so tempted to say “Why not?” but I recall that particular response didn’t go down too well last time, so I had better try something a little more substantial. I did what I did because I thought it was the reasonable thing to do at the time, and also because I was stupid enough to believe it might get me what I crave more than anything else… but you don’t want to hear that. Let’s just say my ethics are rather different to yours, and leave it at that, shall we?
Of course, the reason why I did it has nothing much to do with the reason for my discovery and consequent incarceration – I was desperate, and that made me careless. I was annoyed with myself for some time, but it gets wearing after a while. I’d rather focus my anger elsewhere. It’s more productive.
You still haven’t come to visit me, but then I can’t say I’m really surprised. It has always been convenient to stick me in a corner and forget, hasn’t it? I must be such an embarrassment to you. Actually that makes me feel better. At least I’m not the only one in trouble here.
And this prison is really remarkably comfortable. I should probably thank you.
I see no point in sending you any regards, because I know you won’t believe me. And who can blame you?
See you when you visit.
If you ever do.


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