Trifecta – Concerning Flight

A new week, a new challenge… I thought it was time I treated you to another bit of the Clifton/Munro story. I know, I’m so magnanimous it’ll be the death of me one day. Anyway, if you are unacquainted with Marcus, Lord Clifton, his brother Harry, his intended bride Miss Emilia Munro, and her unspeakable mother, I suggest you go here first 🙂 bon appétit!

“Mrs Munro,” said his lordship, seizing a rare moment of silence (the lady he was addressing had been obliged to stop talking for a moment in order to draw breath) “as it is such a pleasant day, might I ask the pleasure of a turn about the garden with your daughter?”
Mrs Munro looked uncertain. Clifton watched the battle being waged inside her between the devoted mother who knew this request defied convention, and the avid social climber who didn’t want to annoy a nobleman. The social climber won. “Naturally, my lord! What a charming idea! I shall fetch my shawl – Emilia knows how dreadfully I feel the cold, even on a balmy day such as this…”
Clifton’s measured tones cut across the babble with effortless calm. “I was rather hoping to spend a little time alone with Miss Munro.”
For a moment he wondered if she was about to fly into a self-important rage, but although she certainly bridled, she conceded to his wishes with remarkably little complaint. She did, however, insist that she accompany them at a respectable distance, escorted by Harry.
Poor Harry, thought Marcus with a twitch of his eyebrows.


A Novel Update

Hello people!
In case anybody cares, the novel I am currently writing (that is to say, the novel I am currently writing the most) just passed the 58,000-word mark. It’s so close to being finished that I can practically taste The End.
I also managed to name a character who had been wandering about for some time only partially named, which is not a good condition for anyone to be in, fictional or otherwise.
I for one think that’s fairly impressive. But then I am biased. Well, only slightly. 😉

Trifextra – Vision

First of all, forgive me for neglecting to do the weekly challenge. I had a lot going on this week, not least the news that I have lost part of my work! Anyway, this weekend Trifecta have given us a well-earned rest. Sort of. Having tied our hands so tight last time, they have decided to cut the ropes and let us loose within our 33-word limit. Wahoo!
Ok now I’ve calmed down, here you go. 33 words about friendship.

Fogged in future’s lens, I see… us. Two old women, still giggling like the girls we once were. Somehow the wrinkles don’t even register – because we’re always young while we have each other.