Trifecta challenge – doctor (This is further to the last one)

There was a knock at the door. She sighed. Normally, she would have hated being interrupted, but it wasn’t as if she was getting anywhere. Maybe she knew him too well for this to work. She knew she wasn’t exactly following procedure with this one. It annoyed her that he could make her bend the rules for him. A few years back she would never even have considered it. But now…
Her thoughts were broken into by her colleague, who came into the room and put a mug down on the table in front of her. “Thought you might be in need of this.”.
“Ah, thanks,” she said rather absently. Her colleague shot her a sidelong glance and went away again.
She took a sip of the coffee and pulled a face.
He looked amused. “Coffee gone downhill again since I left?”
She frowned. “After you decided not to grace us with your presence anymore, the coffee machine… Broke.”
“Broke? Or was broken? You can’t be too careful about details, you know. The devil’s in the detail after all.”
“For the last time, this is not a book!”
He subsided with a smile, and she kicked herself for letting him win the first round so easily.
“Aren’t you going to go doctor that liquid going by the name of coffee?”
“No. I’m going to sit here and not be riled up by you.”
He just looked at her. “I think you’ve got better odds with the pseudocoffee.”


Tv Ketchup

Urgent message from!
We are deeply sorry to announce that, due to an oversight, our website was recently discovered to be working. We are doing our best to rectify this as quickly as possible. Your satisfaction is very unimportant to us and we don’t want you to run away with the idea that we care two hoots about you.
We were disappointed to find out that customer reviews gave this website 5 stars last week. We are working hard to make this experience as painful and fruitless as possible. We expect plenty of bad feedback next week. Please don’t hesitate to give us minus stars if you can find a way to do so.
Please make yourself at home while we correct this problem.
Unfortunately for you, we are now going to extort money from you if you wish to watch one of our programmes. This will apply whether the programme actually works or not.
Please come back soon and let us annoy you even more.
Have a very irritating evening.
Ketchup TV

Any further complaints must be forwarded to
Please do not send our geeks rotten tomatoes, sour milk or letter bombs through the post. 
Thank you

Cheesecake and Flap

Visitors. I love having visitors. But their existence sends my family into a state of flap bordering on insanity. Everything has to be perfect. It doesn’t matter how many times I explain the concept of friendly visiting – that people come to see you, not your house, and that nobody is going to look for dust behind the piano or form an investigative committee to peer down the sink – my family goes into full-scale, pull-the-stops-out panic.
Having done everything humanly possible to help toward a cessation of flap, I retreat to the kitchen to do what I do best (apart from writing). I make food.
I love cooking and baking. It makes me feel happy and de-stressed, and I don’t like to boast, but I have never made anything awful. My favourite thing to eat and make is cheesecake. So here we are with a spotless house and a cheesecake that my friend describes as ‘EPIC’… Now all we need are the visitors.
Where ARE they??


Trifecta challenge (But I wanted to write this anyway)

She planted her elbows firmly on the square table, propping her chin on her fists and staring at him, her eyes wide, dark and calculating. He gazed back, stare for stare, not caring in the least. Eventually she leant back against her chair, folding her arms across her red-jerseyed chest with an exasperated sigh.
“You’re exhausting, you know that?”
He grinned then, a smirk that started at the corner of his mouth and spread across to show a flash of white teeth, and lit his eyes brighter than their usual mid-sapphire. “Am I?”
“Yeah. You won’t stop talking unless I actually need you to say something, and then you clam up like a …. a …” she floundered for a suitable noun, and failed with a growl.
He and his smirk watched her exhaust all the possibilities of simile, and then he stepped in to hinder-help, as usual. “Like a clam?”
The look she shot him should have reduced him to a pair of smoking boots. Unfortunately, that generally works only in hyperbolic fiction, and he just remained there, grinning annoyingly across the table into her dark-lash-rimmed eyes.

When the Going Gets Tough…

…. The Tough Eat Chocolate, right? It’s got to be done. Seriously, though, I do think chocolate helps pretty much any situation (except the situation where you feel nauseous, that’s when you should reach for the ginger or the peppermint tea!) I know there are many who say chocolate is bad for you. And of course if you eat ten bars a day, yes it will be detrimental to your health. Like everything, it needs the application of moderation. I just find that when I’m feeling down and depressed, a nice bit of Galaxy really cheers me up. There is a scientific reason for this, but to be honest with you, even if there wasn’t, I wouldn’t care. Chocolate is wonderful. Chocolate ice-cream, doubly so. Chocolate cheesecake triply so, but I am a bit picky with those… Some just aren’t quite right. In case you’re wondering, I am a cheesecake connoisseur. Self-styled. When you’re addicted to a certain food it’s kinda inevitable that you become a connoisseur!
All this talk of chocolate and cheesecake is making me hungry. Time for the tough to get going, I think… Seeya! If you need me, you’ll probably be able to follow the trail of chocolate.